Composty Tumbling Goodness.


Bunny Poop.

Yep.There I said it.We have a lot of poop. When I mean a lot I mean there are 8 bunnies makin’ a whole lotta mess. I mean, I knew my cat was lazy. But these bunnies man, they eat sleep, and POOP until its time for them to go in the freezer. I would take pictures to show you but I’m sure thats not necessary. The good thing about the fact they poop so much? Plenty of fertilizer.

And if you have been reading my posts you know that last year we had a BIG garden, aka “Fort Knox”. So a big garden requires lots of time and effort and good ol’ manure. We will certainly have plenty of that this year. Of course I have been researching animal manure as fertilizer and the folks over at Rise and Shine Rabbitry have made it very easy for me to understand. Great site and certainly helpful to my un-farm-experienced self. Bunny poop is loaded full of great organic matter (of course, I mean they eat nothing but veggies…) and essential nutrients every healthy garden needs.  I think its great because it is less smelly than you might imagine and it doesn’t “burn” your plants the way chicken manure can. Plus, its already in a very convenient pellet form;making it easier to distribute into your soil! Haha.

lazy composting...

lazy composting…

Of course I read up on a lot of this stuff because I know very little about gardening. I mean, growing up we had a garden a few times, and mainly it was at my grandparents. Grandma was more of a flowers person but given the time she grew up in she did know a thing or two about gardening veggies too. However, my grandpa’s brother was the real garden master; he always had the biggest and best veggies around. He knows every possible thing about gardening as far as when to plant, what to use on each veggie, the best way to prevent disease/pests, etc. I’m actually hoping to be able to talk with him soon, especially as he is not getting any younger, and maybe record some notes on gardening. The man is apparently a wealth of knowledge on gardening, woodworking, and mechanical things! His two children have no interest in any of what he is so passionate about,  so over time he has passed down some things here and there to my father. So next time dad goes to visit I might see if I can try and capture some of his lessons in writing; I wouldn’t want the valuable things he knows to go to waste once he passes.

compost1As far as other sources for my questions, Tennessee and I are also big fans of Mother Earth Magazine and Grit as well. Grit has a nice magazine set that out that you can order, and it has been very helpful (especially to me) as it has a book on raising rabbits. The collection also includes raising chickens, baking your own bread, and other self-sufficiency subject matter. TN boy has his methods of research as well. This mainly includes a lot of YouTube videos on rabbitry and DIY farm projects. Which is where he got his newest idea for a project-a homemade compost tumbler!

I love that Tennessee is so smart, and very resourceful when it comes to building things. Our composter is an old food grade drum (it used to have soy sauce in it!) that we got off Craigslist for next to nothing. We have a few laying around to use with the idea of cutting most of them in half to use as raised beds for lettuce (more on that in the spring!) as well as being bunny poop catchers (their current use…)

This is one of our still whole drums that he cut a hatch in as well as some holes for air, then further rigged it so that on the inside there are flanges that will better help to rotate and aerate the composting material on the inside. Its based loosely off the design of what you might see at a hardware store and is made just from things we already had in the garage. Now granted the picture you see is not the completed project-we need hinges for the hatch door and he also wants to put in screen over the air holes so to better keep the compost inside. But I was excited about our new tumbler so I took a picture anyway. He even made the frame so that all we have to do is roll the wheelbarrow up to the container, right underneath it, and dump the compost in to cart into the garden.composting2

Now this will speed up our composting process. Off to the right of the picture you might see part of our existing compotser bins. This will now be reserved for bigger stuff; grass clippings, lotsa poop, small brush, and leaves. Now what we really need is some good ol’ earth worms to get the party really going. So yay for creepy and kinda nasty things turning out good for something after all. See your momma was right when she said there is good in everyone. Just sometimes it comes in the form of poop.



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